The Little Fish

Friday, June 01, 2007

Impossible is Nothing

I don't care how much my parents don't think I can do this. I don't care how much my Boss thinks I won't be able to save enough money. I don't care if everyone else I know does it before me. I don't care if I have to go by myself.

I'm still going to go overseas and have the time of my life

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

You know you're a Jorgensen when...

I've been compiling photos tonight for an album to pass around at my 21st, and also been writing invitations to my family and friends and found that I could come up with my own little myspacey/facebook/blog chain thingy, exclusively based on my own family. Sad I know, but thinking of these made me crack up at myself :P

You know you're a Jorgensen when...

...You and your cousins all have different hair colour, but speak in exactly the same way and even say a lot of the same words

...Others comment on your handwriting and how neat it can be even when it's messy

...You can't tell the difference between your Dad and his brother when they are together

...As babies, you and your cousins all look uncannily similar - so similar you might as well be siblings

...As a kid you had a 'G'Day from WA' shirt - even if you weren't from WA

...Every birthday, long weekend, Easter, Christmas and then most weekends in between when you were a kid were spent with the best man from your parents wedding, his wife and their kids

...You feel at home in both Queensland and Western Australia

...Your Mum made at least 10 cakes from the Womans Weekly Birthday Cake Book for your birthdays

...Your parents are teachers, nurses or engineers

...You have a huge desire to travel

...'My christening' and 'Swan Gold' do belong in the same sentence

...Airport luggage carousels bring a tear to your eye and make your heart feel heavy

...You've had three dogs, all named Trixie

...Christmas lunch always means a real Christmas pudding

Friday, May 11, 2007

It's been a while

I don't have much to say really. The blog is slowly biting the dust :( All I wanted to share was that my good friend Claire is engaged at last (at last!), my Boss is being very unreasonable and truly giving me the shits right now, that the newest addition to the Danish Royal Family is the cutest baby ever created ( you must be rubbing off on me Rosy!) and that I'm super super super excited because EMMA IS COMING TO VISIT ME FROM AMERICA!! HURRAY!

I'll leave you with a picture of afore mentioned newest royal...

Is that picture of her asleep on Mary's shoulder not the sweetest picture ever?

Thursday, April 19, 2007

What a week

I've had a shocker of a week. It has tested me to the MAXIMUM. Let's see what went wrong...

Tuesday - an abolsute joke at work just how many of our appliances don't work, how much more extra work it is creating for us already overstretched and over worked waitresses, and how many complaints from customers we are getting.

Tuesday afternoon - Larissa drives into the back of another car.

Tuesday night - Larissa rings up HBF Car Insurance to lodge a claim and they inform her she will be up for the first $750 of repairs to the other car.

Wednesday morning - Larissa sleeps in (or maybe she just didn't want to get out of bed for fear Wednesday would be like Tuesday was) and misses the first half of her morning class.

Wednesday afternoon - on the way home from doing an interview for an assignment Larissa gets caught in the mother of all traffic jams on the Mitchell Freeway.

Wednesday night - Larissa can't get her interview material from the ipod onto the computer and gets very very frustrated and has a bit of a cry - not for the first time this week.

Thursday - Larissa gets up early on her only day to sleep in and rings up the technical support desk at her uni asking why she can't get the stuff on her ipod onto her computer. Turns out you need a Mac. Larissa doesn't have a Mac. She must drive to uni on her day off and do the assignment there. She spends almost 3 hours trying to figure out ipods and editing software and itunes and burning cds and sound bytes, annoys the tech support desk more times than she cares to admit and finally finishes her assignment at 2:30pm.

Now, at last, I am home. The hard part of my assignment is done. I have returned the ipod and microphone equipment and I never want to see it again. I still have to fret over the huge bill I know have to pay, and feel sad that it is cutting into the money I am trying to save for going overseas, but at least the hard parts are over. Thank God.

I never want to have a week like this again.

P.S Thanks again for your fluff Rosy. It was the only good thing in a week of bad things!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A Rosanna moment

Yesterday I had a Rosanna moment. This means nothing to you all I realise, and probably not even to Rosanna, until I explain. And even then probably only Rosanna will 'get' it (if I'm lucky).

I remember sometime last year when I read my good friend Rosanna's blog one day and she announced that she had woken up that morning and decided she was going to Europe. If I have my details correct (you never can be sure with this brain of mine), she woke up, decided she wanted to go to Europe, and booked her flight that day. I was awestruck. But so full of admiration.

This happened to me yesterday. I decided I'm going to do a big trip in 2009. And it will most certainly include Manhattan, NYC, because that is the place I have wanted to see most for as long as I can remember.

I didn't book my ticket that day like she did, but I've bought my Lonely Planet doorstopper on New York City, and I've joined the Lonely Planet Thorn Tree Forum and peppered the members there with endless questions. Should I do a tour? Should I go it alone? Should I explore other parts of America...or dare I say it see some of Europe (I know you will say a loud 'yes yes yes!' to that Rosy)? But most of all, how much should I have saved up for a trip such as this? How much do I need to slave away for the next two years at my jobs? How many magazines should I stop buying? Does it mean I have to give up my beloved Boostjuice? I answered many of those latter questions myself and have already pledged to stop buying magazines and make Boosts only a treat. But seriously, anyone who has ever travelled overseas, please talk to me. Offer me some advice. I am hungry for it. I am a novice. I know nothing, and I want to know everything.

I became so so excited last night when I got replies to the thread I began on that forum, and then later when I sat at my desk, got out my calculator and roughly calculated how much I will be able to save over the next two years if life doesn't throw me too many curve balls between now and then which cost a lot of money. I at first thought two years would be plenty of time to save (and I'm assuming most of you will too), then I thought, hey maybe not, and then I got out my calculator and was pleasantly surprised with the amount that showed up. Maybe I actually can do this.

I'm so excited. This is the most I've ever put into this. I've always just had dreams. I've never actually taken them further. But today I went out and I actually bought a Lonely Planet book and I have spent all afternoon and night reading it. Tomorrow after uni I'm going to go to the travelagent and have a chat. I know I need to do a lot more research, and speak to a lot more people, but it really feels like I'm going to actually do this. That come 2009 I will be travelling overseas.

Almost everyone who reads this blog knows me, and knows my email, so if you have anything could you email me? Or leave a comment here or whatever. Just extend your travelled hands to this enthusiastic novice. Thanks a bunch.

Mostly though...I just want to know how much money I will need to save :) But anything else would be helpful also.

Oh and another thing...what do you think of...Contiki?

Sunday, March 11, 2007

A precious few you should hold on

Sometimes friends really suck. Sometimes they make my day. Sometimes I hate them for letting me down, or for leaving me. Sometimes I wish they would just go away and leave me alone. Sometimes I want to cry because I'm not with them.

That's what's made this week so shitty. Half my friends are leaving me, half are being bitches and the rest is just same old boring same old. Doesn't add up does it, but that's my life for you.

I can't wait to grow up and run away :)

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Slushies all round!

Man my work friends are the best! I love them all...they are all so on the 21st invite list!

Staff party was the bomb!

Now onto QLD for me, then back to partying with the Myer chickens! :)

Cosmopolitans make everything in the world rosy :)